How Should a Body Be?

When she is twelve years old, Bethany discovers the reason her grandmother wears leg braces—and it has something to do with how Bethany herself has started tripping, falling, and losing her grasp on objects. The cause? Charcot-Marie-Tooth, an inherited genetic disorder (or is it a disease?). How does it feel? Like a torpedo that has wrecked her once idyllic childhood. And yet, CMT isn’t everything; Bethany grows up, goes to college, falls in love, and learns that the person she has become is, at her heart, the person she always was—just with braces. HOW SHOULD A BODY BE? is a coming of age story, a family story, and above all a love story that happens to be set against the backdrop of its titular question. 

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Live Events

Invite Bethany to give her keynote presentation, HOW SHOULD A BODY BE?, at your event or classroom. Your audience will be in for an inspirational, funny and relatable evening of storytelling. In this motivational presentation, Bethany shares that life's most valuable lessons can be learned in the simplest of things: buying a slice of pizza, going on a first date, or crossing a busy street. Teens and grandparents all relate to Bethany's sense of humor and brutal honesty. Her stories are about living, really living, with exactly what we are given—no more, no less.


HOW SHOULD A BODY BE? is a question everyone asks themselves, often repeatedly. Spend time asking and answering this question with Bethany. You'll definitely laugh, you may even cry, but you'll truly be glad you spent time with this master storyteller.


Podcasts and Radio

Bethany does guest interviews on the topics of overcoming obstacles, self-image, facing fears, and cultivating a life you want to live. She illustrates lessons with funny and moving stories, and is willing to take on and explore tough and sometimes uncomfortable topics. 

Listen to her on the FEAR NOT podcast here.


This book is an evocative, heartfelt, and love-fueled account of one young woman’s experience in a world that doesn’t always conform to expectation.




Anyone who has ever struggled with their own body image can immediately identify with this story. It is honest and hilarious and I couldn't put it down.



Bethany writes in such beautiful detail, that I've found myself thinking about certain scenes as if they were my own memories. 






Bethany Meloche is the author of HOW SHOULD A BODY BE?, a coming-of-age story about growing up in Michigan, falling in love, and learning to live with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. Her story has been featured in the Daily Cal, the Mercury News, Mountain View Voice, and Lower Extremity Review. 


Bethany serves on the Advisory Board of the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association. Raised in Ann Arbor, Bethany has a degree from the University of California Berkeley, and currently lives in London, where she writes and goes for long walks with her husband. 



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